• Stimulation Pump

    Ruggedly designed to handle various Pumping and Acidizing Operations in Oilfields and particularly used for Well Servicing.

  • Frac Tanks

    Typically used for fracing wells in the oil and gas industry, a frac tank may also be used to store any liquids like run-off water, diesel fuel, glycol, waste products or for use when mining or drilling mud.

  • Flushby Rig

    Cost-effective alternative to the conventional workover rig which requires shorter deployment time and lesser manpower.

  • Mobile Workshop

    Container Workshop for complete valve maintenance on-site.

  • Sand Management Unit

    Engineered and fabricated at our API, ISO facility in Nizwa

  • Onshore Mud Tank

  • Continuous Sucker Rod

    This unique design of the COROD offers distinct production enhancement and cost savings advantages to rod string applications.